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NY Pro Results | BJJ in Chester County PA

Quickly becoming one of the toughest of the IBJJF regional tournaments, the New York Pro was held this weekend. Chester County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors Abi Pacinelli and Phil Mento, who train in Downingtown at Paramount BJJ, both reached the podium.

For Abi, a disappointing match in the weight class was a minor set-back, that she put aside before putting on a great performance in the absolute. In the final she lost to this year’s World Silver medalist at adult purple belt super-heavy, who won last year at blue, by just 1 advantage (Abi fought at featherweight).

Phil stood upon the podium for the 3rd time in 3 tournaments at brown belt- he won US Grappling and Tap Cancer Out (going 6-0) before this, and he’s only been a brown belt for 5 months.

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4 Ways to be More “Coachable”

A “coachable” student automatically has an advantage over the stubborn or lazy student. Here are 3 ways you can be more coachable, and thus more successful at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

  1. Ask Questions. Your instructor, if he or she is any good, wants to answer your questions and help you progress as fast as possible. Do not listen to that voice in your head that says it’s a stupid question- ask the question!
  2. Hear and Listen. To hear is to “perceive with the ear the sound made by someone or something.” To listen is to “give one’s attention to a sound.” A student must truly listen to grasp the concept, technique, or advice being given.
  3. Implement Immediately. Sometimes a student asks a question (“What should I work on?”) and gets a direct answer (“Drill the hip escape from mount 50x before Saturday”), only to procrastinate or worse, disregard the instructions. Before you know it they’re back asking why they keep getting submitted from mount. Do not be lazy.
  4. Trust Your Coach. If you do not have faith in your instructor’s knowledge, 1 of 2 things may be the reason. First, perhaps you have realized that your instructor is not qualified – Find a new instructor. Or maybe you’re a bit arrogant or stubborn and want to do it your way – Listen to the people who’ve accomplished what you want to accomplish (like becoming a BJJ black belt).
Follow these 4 guidelines and you’re off to a good start. Or, correct these areas and watch your skill set improve faster than ever.
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How to Crush the Competition | BJJ in Downingtown

Paramount BJJ purple belt Abi Pacinelli won the IBJJF Washington DC Open this past Saturday. She submitted both of her opponents with armlocks. Check out some pics of the action below, and call 610-269-1127 or click HERE to train at the most decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Chester County.

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Abi Pacinelli, of West Chester, medaled for the 3rd straight year at the IBJJF World Masters Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Las Vegas. She is a 6x medalist and a 2x Champion. Pacinelli trains out of Paramount BJJ in Downingtown, PA.

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Easy Triangle Choke Finish – BJJ in Exton PA

Paramount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Kevin MacMullen shows a simple way to finish the triangle choke- even when your opponent correctly defends it.
Check it out:


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Suffering a defeat in an individual sport is always harder than losing as a team. There is nowhere to place the blame but on oneself, and that can be a tough pill to swallow. But the best in the world know how to bounce back quickly from a loss no matter how devastating, and this ability is also an indicator of future success.

Take Paramount BJJ student, competitor and instructor Abi Pacinelli. In 2015 she made it to the finals of her weight class and the open weight division at the World Masters Championships, only to lose both matches and walk away with Silver medals. An accomplishment for sure, but not what she’d worked for and wanted.

But she bounced back and the very next year once again reached the finals of her weight class and the open weight division. This time she won both matches, earning double Gold and becoming the first Paramount student to win a World Title. She was then awarded her purple belt on the podium, another first.

A more recent example was when she traveled to Colorado for the Fight 2 Win Pro event. The match didn’t go her way, and she was submitted. This is a very rare thing, for Abi to tap out. Did she sulk and wallow in sadness? No! She jumped at the chance to get back on the mats- the very next day! She had just enough time to compete at the Colorado State Championships before jumping on a plane to come home.

Unfortunately she lost her first match. However this was a double elimination tournament, and in yet another example of bouncing back Abi won her next 4 matches to place 2nd overall. This is how a champion handles defeat!

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Bouncing Back, Part 1 | BJJ in Downingtown PA

Successful people share many traits, one of which is the ability to bounce back from adversity. When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that means getting back up after a loss- whether it’s getting tapped out in training or losing a match in competition- not dwelling on it, but instead moving forward with a positive mindset.

A few weeks ago Paramount BJJ purple belt Phil Mento entered a local tournament to get some matches in before he leaves for the IBJJF World Championships. He was entered in 3 divisions: Gi absolute (open weight), middleweight, and No-Gi middleweight. Because he’s had a lot of success in regional competition, often winning every division he enters, there was no reason to think he wouldn’t cruise through this one too. But things don’t always go as planned, and he lost his first match of the day 3-2.

When you enter a competition fully expecting to win, losing right off the bat can really shake your confidence and lead to doubt. Am I off today? What if I lose the next match too? Am I not as good as I thought? Even a confident and successful person can have these thoughts. But what they do with those thoughts is what really matters. To be successful in any endeavor you must see defeat as a temporary setback- not a failure. Assess the situation, fix the mistakes, and get ready for the next challenge with a positive approach.

That’s what Phil did. He won his next 5 matches, and earned Gold in his weight class in both gi and no-gi.

It’s important to note that even if he didn’t win the next two divisions Phil would have left the arena that day, chalked it up to another valuable experience, and stepped onto the mat at the next tournament excited to meet the challenge. A temporary set-back could mean losing a match, or having a terrible day of training, or going through a slump in training that lasts weeks.

The most successful people in the world have struggled and battled through moments where most others quit. They persevered, and as a result they achieved greatness.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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Check out this awesome highlight video featuring Chester County PA’s most decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team. We have more international medals than all of the other BJJ schools combined, and there’s a reason- we are training smarter and harder, with a system that’s proven to work. See for yourself:


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Downingtown BJJ Black Belt Wins at New York Pro

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) held the 2016 New York Pro tournament yesterday, the final big east coast tournament of the year. 3rd degree black belt Brad Court, owner and head instructor at Paramount BJJ in Downingtown, earned a Gold medal at the event. He defeated his opponent by a score of 15-0.


In addition to becoming a NY Pro champion, Court is also a Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, and Boston Open Champion, as well as a Pan American bronze medalist- all at the black belt level. This summer he competed at the World Masters Championships, submitting his first opponent before losing to the eventual champion, Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro, by just 2 points.

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Preparing for the 2017 World Championships

The road to the 2017 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships has already began, and 1 Chester County resident is training hard in Downingtown, PA to reach the top of the podium.

Phil Mento, who works and trains at Paramount BJJ, has won the Boston Open, NAGA, New Breed, PABJJF, and has medaled at the New York Open, Charlotte Open, and more in 2016. This past weekend he added 2 more Gold medals to his collection at the US Grappling Championships in Maryland.

Phil Mento wins the US Grappling purple belt Open division.

Phil is among the very best young up-and-coming purple belts in the US, and is looking to prove himself as one of the best in the world in June 2017. Follow his journey and train alongside him at Paramount BJJ, in Downingtown PA, just minutes from West Chester, Exton, Malvern and Coatesville.

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