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NY Pro Results | BJJ in Chester County PA

Quickly becoming one of the toughest of the IBJJF regional tournaments, the New York Pro was held this weekend. Chester County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors Abi Pacinelli and Phil Mento, who train in Downingtown at Paramount BJJ, both reached the podium.

For Abi, a disappointing match in the weight class was a minor set-back, that she put aside before putting on a great performance in the absolute. In the final she lost to this year’s World Silver medalist at adult purple belt super-heavy, who won last year at blue, by just 1 advantage (Abi fought at featherweight).

Phil stood upon the podium for the 3rd time in 3 tournaments at brown belt- he won US Grappling and Tap Cancer Out (going 6-0) before this, and he’s only been a brown belt for 5 months.

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Downingtown BJJ Black Belt Wins at New York Pro

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) held the 2016 New York Pro tournament yesterday, the final big east coast tournament of the year. 3rd degree black belt Brad Court, owner and head instructor at Paramount BJJ in Downingtown, earned a Gold medal at the event. He defeated his opponent by a score of 15-0.


In addition to becoming a NY Pro champion, Court is also a Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, and Boston Open Champion, as well as a Pan American bronze medalist- all at the black belt level. This summer he competed at the World Masters Championships, submitting his first opponent before losing to the eventual champion, Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro, by just 2 points.

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With less than two years of total training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and no prior grappling or martial arts training, West Chester PA resident Abi Durrant traveled to Las Vegas to compete at the 2015 IBJJF Master World Championships. Traning out of Paramount BJJ in Downingtown, his was Abi’s first major tournament appearance- although she has won the IBJJF’s Boston Open, New York Open, and Atlanta Open.

Abi defeated her first round opponent 3-0, then submitted her opponent in the quarterfinals and won her semi-final match 10-0. She lost a close match in the final, but a Silver medal at the Worlds is nothing to be ashamed of!


Since she placed in her division (lightweight), Abi qualified for the Absolute (all weights combined) division. Another impressive performance in the Absolute earned her another Silver medal. She defeated two opponents before again losing a close match on points in the final.

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Abi with her two Silver medals at the World Championships




Eight competitors from Paramount BJJ along with head coach Brad Court traveled to Boston this past weekend to participate in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s (IBJJF) 2015 Boston Summer Open. Check out the photos and results from the event below.

Brett on the podium

Brett Landrum earned a Gold medal in his division. This after reaching the top of the podium just 5 weeks ago at the IBJJF New York Summer Open.

Anthony on podium

Anthony Pacinelli took Silver, although most in attendance believed he deserved a Gold medal for his hair. Anthony will be heading to Atlanta this week for the next IBJJF event.

Abi on podium

Abi Durrant submitted both opponents for Gold in her weight class, then came away with Silver in the Open weight division. She’ll also be making the trip to Atlanta to claim more Gold.


Phil Mento submitted his first two opponents and finished with Bronze. This was Phil’s second IBJJF tournament as a purple belt and the second time he medaled.

Greg on the podium

Brand new purple belt Greg Hagner won Gold in his weight division, then defeated 3 opponents to take Gold in the Absolute division as well. An impressive debut for Greg at purple belt.

2015 IBJJF Boston Summer Open

Paramount BJJ head instructor, 2nd degree black belt Brad Court, defeated two opponents to win Gold in his division. He is now a 3X IBJJF Boston Open Champion.

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At last weekend’s IBJJF 2015 NY Summer Open, Paramount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt Phil Mento did something that no one in Chester County, PA had done before. He took home FOUR medals in 1 weekend at an IBJJF event. He medaled in his Gi and No-Gi weight classes, which qualified him for the Open Weight divisions (AKA “Absolutes”). Then he proceeded to win medals in both of the Absolutes!

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is the biggest and most prestigious organization in the world, and the host of the World Championships, Pan American Championships, and many more.

2015 NY Open Mento

But perhaps most impressive is the fact that Mento has been a purple belt for only 1 month! Of his 8 victories, he submitted 6 opponents and defeated the other two by a combined 20-0.

Best of all, there are 10 months between now and the 2016 World Championships (AKA “Mundial”), which means Phil can continue to gain more and more experience in preparation for the ultimate goal: An IBJJF World Title. Stay tuned to this blog to follow Phil’s journey to the 2016 Mundial, as he competes at the NAGA, Boston Open, No-Gi Pan Am, NY Pro, and many more. Click HERE for more info on training BJJ in Chester County, PA.

Phil Mento, blue belt competitor from Paramount BJJ, stepped onto the mats at the Grappler’s Quest U.S. Nationals this past Saturday to continue his preparation for the 2015 World Championships. Phil competed in the blue belt middleweight division, the blue belt open weight division, as well as the no-gi intermediate middleweight and open divisions.

Phil 2 at NY Summer 2014

Phil took Gold in both blue belt divisions and Gold in the no-gi middleweight division. He finished with Silver in the no-gi open weight.

Next up for Phil is the IBJJF Boston Open, which takes place on August 23rd. He will be joined by fellow Paramount BJJ competitors Kevin MacMullen, Ed Westermark, Greg Hagner, Anthony Pacinelli, Ian Murphy, and Abi Durrant.




The Road to the Master Worlds

This weekend the IBJJF held the 2014 New York Summer Open, one of the toughest regional tournaments in the U.S. Among the competitors from Paramount BJJ was Scott Cook, who operates his own academy, Deep Water BJJ, along with Cameron Mitchell in Harrisburg PA.

Scott competed at purple belt in the master middle-heavy division. He submitted each of his 3 opponents to win GOLD. Not satisfied, Scott then entered the Absolute (all weight classes combined) division and submitted 3 more opponents for a second GOLD medal.

Brad and Scott

Scott is the third competitor from Paramount BJJ to win double GOLD at the NY Open. While this is a great accomplishment, in true champion form Scott has set his sights on a bigger goal: The 2014 IBJJF Masters World Championships.

The Master Worlds will be held on November 1st and 2nd at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach California. After submitting all 6 of his opponents in NY, Scott is a clear contender for the title of 2014 World Champion. For more info on training BJJ in Chester County PA click HERE or call 610-269-1127.





Mike Thomas at SF Open *Video*

Watch Mike submit his semi-final opponent at last weekend’s IBJJF San Francisco Open, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament:


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Thomas Wins San Francisco Open | BJJ in PA

Mike Thomas, top ranked IBJJF competitor fighting out of Paramount BJJ in Downingtown PA, traveled to California this past weekend for the IBJJF’s San Francisco Open. After four matches he stood atop the podium with yet another Gold medal to his collection. He’s now won the Boston Open, New York Open, Rome Open, European Open, and San Francisco Open. All of this in preparation for the real goal: 2014 World Champion.


Mike won his first match 6-0, his second match 8-0, his semi-final match by submission (kimura armlock) and the final by advantage. Next is the Pan American Championships in March, the 2nd most prestigious tournament in the world.

Travelling alongside Mike will be Phil Mento (2012 National Champion) and Ed Westermark (2013 Pan Am No-Gi Champion). Please support our amazing sponsors, Kildare’s Irish Pub in West Chester, Agway of West Chester, and Small Business Accounting Solution in Thorndale, PA.


NAGA Results: Blue belts vs Purple belts

This past Saturday, Mike Thomas and Phil Mento- two blue belts at Paramount BJJ in Downingtown PA- entered the NAGA purple belt division (NAGA allows blue belts to move up a division). There are a few reasons why we decided to test them at purple belt, but the main objective was to face the very best opponents possible in order to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses for the World Championships in June.

Unfortunately, there were only two other competitors in the division so Mike and Phil only had 1 match each. Check out the breakdown of their matches:

First up was Mike, who dove right into his guard and began off-balancing his opponent to set-up the sweep. Once he swept he immediately began passing, putting non-stop pressure on the opponent until he passed to sidemount. Mike attacked with a bread-cutter choke, and transitioned to knee-on-stomach to bring the score to 7-0. From knee-on-stomach he moved to mount, where he finished his adversary with a basic cross choke.

Phil was up next, who followed Mike’s format by going on the attack right away. He landed a takedown within 20 seconds but his opponent swept to get back on top to tie the score at 2-2. Phil swept back and started taking the back, but his opponent reversed and got on top. Phil swept again and was now up 6-2. He passed momentarily and began looking to set up a triangle from on top. He rolled to finish the triangle, but his opponent did a great job defending and got out. Phil swept once more before time ran out to win 8-2.

Video of the matches will be posted this weekend on our Members Site, available exclusively to students at Paramount BJJ. Mike and Phil are headed to San Francisco to compete at the IBJJF San Fran Open on Sunday, stay tuned for results!

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