Suffering a defeat in an individual sport is always harder than losing as a team. There is nowhere to place the blame but on oneself, and that can be a tough pill to swallow. But the best in the world know how to bounce back quickly from a loss no matter how devastating, and this ability is also an indicator of future success.

Take Paramount BJJ student, competitor and instructor Abi Pacinelli. In 2015 she made it to the finals of her weight class and the open weight division at the World Masters Championships, only to lose both matches and walk away with Silver medals. An accomplishment for sure, but not what she’d worked for and wanted.

But she bounced back and the very next year once again reached the finals of her weight class and the open weight division. This time she won both matches, earning double Gold and becoming the first Paramount student to win a World Title. She was then awarded her purple belt on the podium, another first.

A more recent example was when she traveled to Colorado for the Fight 2 Win Pro event. The match didn’t go her way, and she was submitted. This is a very rare thing, for Abi to tap out. Did she sulk and wallow in sadness? No! She jumped at the chance to get back on the mats- the very next day! She had just enough time to compete at the Colorado State Championships before jumping on a plane to come home.

Unfortunately she lost her first match. However this was a double elimination tournament, and in yet another example of bouncing back Abi won her next 4 matches to place 2nd overall. This is how a champion handles defeat!

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