This past weekend the IBJJF, the biggest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) organization on the planet, held it’s annual No-Gi World Championship event in Long Beach, California. This is an event where the competitors wear shorts and a rash guard, instead of the traditional gi (uniform).

Ed Westermark, a brown belt under Paramount BJJ head instructor Brad Court, won GOLD in the light heavyweight division. Ed has also earned a Silver and Bronze at the IBJJF Master World Championships, where competitors compete with the gi.


Congratulations Ed, everyone at Paramount is proud of you!

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The mental aspect of a martial art and sport like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a factor in every training session or tournament match. The book “The Mental Edge” offers fantastic advice and concepts about strengthening your mind, and the “Perception Stretchers” listed below will open your mind to new opportunities and perspectives on competition, both in and out of the academy. Read the book for a more in-depth look at perception stretchers.

  1. A Loss Becomes a Gain. Learning from a loss will allow you to succeed in the future.
  2. Bodies Work Perfectly; The Mind Gets in the Way. Train and drill for hours upon hours so you can shut off your mind and let your body take over.
  3. Limitations Are Temporary. Remember, progress is inevitable if you continue to train and address the areas where you need to improve.
  4. Getting Better is More Important the Winning. Focus on your ultimate goal, the black belt. Winning and losing at the lower belts is irrelevant. Your goal is to get better, and all you have to do is train.
  5. An Event Has No Meaning Except What You Give It. If you make a big deal out of a training session or competition match, you put unnecessary stress on yourself.

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With less than two years of total training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and no prior grappling or martial arts training, West Chester PA resident Abi Durrant traveled to Las Vegas to compete at the 2015 IBJJF Master World Championships. Traning out of Paramount BJJ in Downingtown, his was Abi’s first major tournament appearance- although she has won the IBJJF’s Boston Open, New York Open, and Atlanta Open.

Abi defeated her first round opponent 3-0, then submitted her opponent in the quarterfinals and won her semi-final match 10-0. She lost a close match in the final, but a Silver medal at the Worlds is nothing to be ashamed of!


Since she placed in her division (lightweight), Abi qualified for the Absolute (all weights combined) division. Another impressive performance in the Absolute earned her another Silver medal. She defeated two opponents before again losing a close match on points in the final.

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Abi with her two Silver medals at the World Championships




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Check out this action packed Gold medal match between Roberto Satoshi and Celso Vinicius:


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Eight competitors from Paramount BJJ along with head coach Brad Court traveled to Boston this past weekend to participate in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s (IBJJF) 2015 Boston Summer Open. Check out the photos and results from the event below.

Brett on the podium

Brett Landrum earned a Gold medal in his division. This after reaching the top of the podium just 5 weeks ago at the IBJJF New York Summer Open.

Anthony on podium

Anthony Pacinelli took Silver, although most in attendance believed he deserved a Gold medal for his hair. Anthony will be heading to Atlanta this week for the next IBJJF event.

Abi on podium

Abi Durrant submitted both opponents for Gold in her weight class, then came away with Silver in the Open weight division. She’ll also be making the trip to Atlanta to claim more Gold.


Phil Mento submitted his first two opponents and finished with Bronze. This was Phil’s second IBJJF tournament as a purple belt and the second time he medaled.

Greg on the podium

Brand new purple belt Greg Hagner won Gold in his weight division, then defeated 3 opponents to take Gold in the Absolute division as well. An impressive debut for Greg at purple belt.

2015 IBJJF Boston Summer Open

Paramount BJJ head instructor, 2nd degree black belt Brad Court, defeated two opponents to win Gold in his division. He is now a 3X IBJJF Boston Open Champion.

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