Training at other Team LLoyd Irvin schools

Today i went up to train at BJJ United in Jenkintown(Near Philly), which is a Team LLoyd Irvin school. Its almost an hour drive from where i live, but its always worth it. Thursdays at noon they hold open mat, its a great opportunity to get in  lots of matches with a variety of training partners.

 I wanted to work on some of the techniques that i dont do that often. I was working a brabo choke from on top in half guard. I usually like to pass from half guard, but the brabo is a great option from that position. I have also been working more kimura’s from side control. I am going to continue to work these techniques and a few new ones from class this week.

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Morning Training

I got in for the first training session of the week this morning. Like always, i didn’t feel like waking up at 7:30am but i managed to drag myself out of bed and into Paramount. Once i get up I’m always exited to train, its just the initial feelings of wanting to sleep that i have to get past. It is nice to be back to a regular schedule for training, it helps me to keep the rest of my life organized. Also if i don’t get in enough Jiu Jitsu i think i would go crazy.

 We worked guard passing for the entire class! These are the classes that i enjoy the most, repetition is the best way to work out all the details of a position. No matter how many times you have seen a move you can always pick up on small details that you might have missed before. This was a new guard pass for me and i cant wait to work it during matches this week!

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Back From The Beach

I just got back today from a 4 day vacation at the jersey shore. I left for the beach on Wednesday after i finished training and went to class. Right before i was leaving i saw that Mike Fowler was doing a seminar a BJJ United for only $20. I was very tempted to delay my trip for 1 day so i wouldn’t miss out on an incredible opportunity, but everyone was waiting for me at the beach and i didn’t want to let them down. I cant wait to hear about it Thursday when i go up there to train, I’m sure it was incredible!

It was good timing to take a few days off, having just competed the weekend before.When i got there i tried to forget about missing out on training and just enjoy having a few days off from my usual routine. I was able to relax and have a good time at the beach, and it was nice just to give my body a rest for a few days. Vacation is also the perfect time to cheat on your diet and eat some of the things you would never go near when you are at home.

Now that I’m home its back to business. I cant wait to get in the gym Monday morning at 7:30am and get in the first training session of the week. I was watching YouTube everyday on vacation and i am ready to drill.

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The Good Fight 9/11/10

This past weekend a few students from Paramount BJJ went up to Camden to compete at The Good Fight. All 4 competitors took home gold medals (but what else would you expect from team Lloyd Irvin and Paramount BJJ).

This tournament was unlike all other tournaments I have been to, mainly because it was outside on a Navy battleship.  I really didn’t know what to expect coming into this tournament, and when I got there I was surprised to find that we would be fighting on the deck of the ship.

My focus quickly shifted from my surroundings and into “game mode”.  I feel like mental toughness plays a big part in competition.When I compete it doesn’t matter what weight class I make, who I’m fighting, or anything else, the only thing I need on my mind is my game plan and how I am going to put it into action. I spend 6 days a week in the gym training, having my body feel beat up, and pushing myself when I feel like I have nothing left in my gas tank, so tournaments are the time to show off that hard work.

Going into my first match I felt relaxed and was ready to get out there and put on a show.  I was able to get a quick submission in my first match and that set the tone for the rest of the day. I went 4-0 with 3 submissions and didn’t have any points scored on me. Even though my goal was to submit all of my opponents I was still very pleased with the result.

I would like to thank Team Lloyd Irvin and all my training partners at Paramount BJJ, any success i have in Jiu Jitsu is due to them. Also thanks to my boys Phil Lopez and Standley Eugene for coming out to support me and take pictures.

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My Introduction

Welcome to my blog “Next World Champion” which will cover all aspects of training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I train at Paramount BJJ in Downingtown, Pa, which is a Team Lloyd Irvin school. On this blog I will share all my trials and tribulations on my way to becoming a world class BJJ Black Belt.

I am currently a white belt and have been training for a little over a year. I will have to earn my blue,purple,brown and black belt to reach my goal. It will be a long hard road so stay tuned…..

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